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  • Shreveport Educational Article of the Month - What Should I do if I Find an Orphaned Baby Wild Shreveport Animal Wandering About?

What Should I do if I Find an Orphaned Baby Wild Shreveport Animal Wandering About?

During the spring season usually, you may find wild baby Shreveport animal helpless, and if you think that it is injured or orphaned, you must go to rescue it. It may be shivering or you will find the dead parent close to the baby animal. You may also find wandering and crying wild baby animal that ensures it is in search of help.

- First, you need to find its mother that may be lost. Independent survival is tough for young ones. Leave him alone and go away from the area, mother Louisiana animal may be come back. If it does not come, then take further steps.
- Check the health of orphaned wild baby animal, it may be sick or injured. Survival chance depends on its health, check for wounds, and baby Naples to determine body temperature. A specialist can check better with precautionary steps.
- Capture and safely transport that Shreveport animal to the better place of living or treatment.

You can call rehabilitator Shreveport wildlife expert for help, or find animal shelter or wildlife agency in the close proximity.
- The process of capturing, holding and transporting is not simple but it needs extra care because the animal can harm you, even if it is a baby, and it also has parasitic, bacterial and viral germs. Moreover, capture and transfer process must be comfortable for the baby, because of its weakness and sensitivity. Take a suitable container, with air opening, and simple paper or cloth placement to put the baby animal inside. Keep the container to safe place, away from cold, direct sunlight, noise, children and pets.
- Do not offer any solid food and never forcefully try to feed the baby animal. However, give water to prevent dehydration
- Orphaned baby that is already in shock and painful position needs calm and keep the quiet environment and try to transport it as soon as you can to Louisiana wildlife rehabilitation center if you do not find mother after wait or search of 24 hours. After the proper process, they will send back it to the wild. Handle with above precautions to all wild animal babies, like squirrels, foxes, deer, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, and opossums etc.

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