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  • Shreveport Educational Article of the Month - What is a Shreveport Skunk's Natural Diet?

What is a Shreveport Skunk's Natural Diet?

Shreveport skunks, like other small animals in the wild, eat a variety of foods. They tend to be highly adaptable to their environment, meaning that wherever they are they will find something to eat to sustain them. Generally, they will be close to a local water source and not venture to far aware from that, about two miles tops. They eat what they can find and are considered omnivores for the fact that they eat both plants and meats as well. Let's take a look at their diet.

What They Eat
Because Shreveport skunks are omnivores they eat a variety of foods. As stated, they are opportunistic, and will forage for or catch food in whatever environment they are in. Some of their favorite foods include beetles, grasshoppers, worms and grubs, bird eggs, rodents, frogs, mushrooms and fruits and berries. These are some of the ones that they will hunt out more than others. However there are a variety of other foods that they will go to and eat if available. If you have a garden where you grow corn you might notice that the end part of the corn is missing, that could be from a skunk because they don't eat the whole thing. They will also go after lizards, salamanders, snakes, poultry and moles. Just like their eating of the bid eggs, they might also eat the birds as well. They also tend to go for leaves and nuts as well. If you have a plant, leaves are an important part of it's anatomy helping it to grow and remain healthy and skunks could clean the plant of it's leaves when looking for food. Less likely is that they act as scavengers, utilizing the garbage left around by humans to find nourishment. That's more along the lines of a racoon but Louisiana skunks are not going to go hungry and will resort to this as well. Another is pet food. If a skunk gets into your home or you have animals that stay outside, they are likely to find their way to the food. In order to prevent this, any food for outside animals or left anywhere they can get into could be attracting them to your property.

Keep Your Yard Clean
Keeping the foods that Shreveport skunks love to eat out of your yards will be essential to keeping them out as well. Also, if you have plants, maybe consider fencing in the yard. While they are opportunities as stated they do have their favorite foods, and digging holes in the ground can be proof that they are there. While it can be annoying, they are jut trying to sustain their lives and that of their families.

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